about me

dreamer. thinker. planner. doer.

I am Hannah Steier and I am a graphic design student at Stevenson University in Owings Mills, Maryland. I will graduate in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science.

Currently, I am working as Social Media Designer for the small business Sporticulture, where I take and perform digital manipulations of photographs of products for the website and social media account. In 2021, I had a couple of amazing internships with the Dean of the Stevenson University School of Design and 2fold Collective, a local design agency in Owings Mills.

At Stevenson, I have taken a variety of courses, including design, branding, typography, photography, fine art, and web design, and letterpress. I am also a student ambassador, where I give tours to prospective students and their families.


telling the visual side of your story

One of the most important parts of design is being able to communicate the story that you want to tell. I will work with you to achieve this, whether I am with you every step of the way or I play a small role in your grand plans.


I specialize in both print and web design, plus branding, photography, and digital editing. This means that I can design your logo, develop your visual identity, produce photographic content, arrange print and digital layouts, code your website, and perform digital manipulations.


a few of my favorite things