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nicole deboom, founder of skirt sports, exercising in a running skirt

Nicole Deboom's Running Skirts

Swimmer and triathlete Nicole Deboom started Skirt Sports in 2004 after noticing the lack of quality running attire for women. She invented the first running skirt, which started a fashion revolution in sports apparel. Her company now sells athletic clothes tailored for women of all shapes and sizes.


Al Harrington's Cannabis

Former NBA player Al Harrington established Viola, a company that sells cannabis products for medical use. Harrington also uses his company for research and advocacy, especially for fighting back against the war on drugs that disproportionately affects minorities.


Devan Kline's
Boot Camp

Devan Kline, a former San Francisco Giant, opened Burn Boot Camp, a women-only gym franchise dedicated to empowering women to take control of their lives and live confidently. He wanted to combine his passion for fitness and helping others to provide a way for women to "maximize the quality of their own lives."


Serena Williams' Biz Ventures

Tennis superstar Serena Williams’ investment company Serena Ventures is her way of financially supporting diverse and minority-owned companies. She has invested in over thirty different startups since the start, doing what she can to help them get the resources they need that they often don’t have access to.


Lebron James' Movement

NBA legend Lebron James and businessman Maverick Carter founded the media company Uninterrupted as a way to empower athletes to be creators and activists. Uninterrupted offers videos, events, products, and campaigns to raise awareness of varying social issues.


Richard Eckersley’s No-Waste Shop

Retired soccer player Richard Eckersley and his wife started the Earth.Food.Love. in England with the mission of eliminating waste as much as possible from the grocery shopping process. The store sells organic products and minimizes packaging by allowing customers to bring their own containers.


USWNT Champions’ Reimagining

United States Women’s National Soccer Team stars Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, Meghan Klingenberg, and Christen Press founded Re—inc as a way to “reimagine the status quo”. The company releases themed campaigns every few months, each with a different style but all featuring gender-neutral streetwear.


Justin Forsett’s Hygiene Company

NFL player Justin Forsett established Hustle Clean, a self-care company that focuses on providing hygienic products that allow users to keep themselves clean, no matter where they are or what their living situation is. The main products are individually wrapped face and body wipes for quick cleansing.


TOGETHXR’s Lifestyle Content

TOGETHXR is a lifestyle and media company founded by Olympians Simone Manuel, Sue Bird, Chloe Kim, and Alex Morgan as a way to promote representation and tell the stories of female athletes and non-athletes of all ages. The company offers feature articles and specialty products.