about me

I like to create. imagine. analyze. learn.

Greetings! My name is Hannah Steier and I am a designer who graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Stevenson University. Currently, I work at PrintInk, a printing and marketing company in Manchester, Maryland, as a Graphic/Web Designer. At my job, you’ll find me designing and developing WordPress websites, adding new client spiritwear collections to our Shopify store, researching new software integrations for streamlining processes, and occasionally helping out on the heat press!

I consider myself to be a “Creative Chameleon” (a.k.a. Jack-of-all-trades, etc…). While I particularly enjoy creating visual brand systems and drafting iterations of user-driven, zesty websites, I am simultaneously drawn to the allures of photography, print design, and the various forms of interactive media as they are adapted for the ever-changing digital world. I especially love how print- and web-based media can work together to tell a brand’s story. No matter how my creativity is utilized, I always strive to maintain a company’s integrity while leveraging the power of design in order to achieve business goals.

telling the visual side of your story

One of the most important parts of design is being able to communicate the story that you want to tell. I will work with you to achieve this, whether I am with you every step of the way or I play a small role in your grand plans.


I specialize in both print and web design, plus branding, photography, and digital editing. This means that I can design your logo, develop your visual identity, produce photographic content, arrange print and digital layouts, create your website, and perform digital manipulations.

a few of my favorite things