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VS Audio-Visual

logo, branding, & website design

VS Audio-Visual is a small business that offers a wide array of low voltage audio-visual services to residential and commercial clients in central Maryland. The owner — my father — needed a distinctive logo and a website that conveys what he does and that sets up a digital presence for his company. Before designing, I assisted him with brand development, which included analyzing his services, strengths, weaknesses, competition, and resources. My logo solution incorporates sound bars that represent the field. The website design is dynamic and responsive, using rounded edges and enlarged sound bar elements. The site content itself connects prospective clients with the owner and acquaints them with details about his services. The overall branding of VSAV uses a cool palette of various blues and grays to show the technological side of the business. In addition to the logo and website, I designed a hat for wear during work and business cards for distribution.